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About Us


Since 1934, Newbridge Silverware has been Ireland's premier designer and producer of homeware and giftware products and it is this unique history of craftsmanship and experience, combined with a contemporary and fresh attitude to design, that puts Newbridge Silverware on the cutting edge of modern living.

At the turn of the 20th century, the town of Newbridge, in the heart of co. Kildare was a thriving garrison community. The cavalry barracks in Newbridge was the largest overseas base in the British empire. It housed over 3,000 troops. The troops and war horses used in the Crimean war and particularly the famous charge of the "Light Brigade" came from Newbridge. Great economic activity Grew around this facility. In particular, metal linishing skills were developed. This all changed when the army vacated in 1921, leaving a huge economic vacuum.

The new Free state Government, aware of the problem throughout Ireland, encouraged the setting up of new manufacturing enterprises in the non-traditional areas outside the major cities.

For Newbridge, inspiration came from a local school teacher, Senator Cummins, the national leader of the Labour party William Norton and Joe McGrath Snr who previously played

a major part in the historic treaty negotiation of 1921. It was they who formed a committee to encourage local industrial development. The metal forging and linishing equipment left behind by the army and the local know how were combined to create a unique enterprise - The Newbridge Cutlery Company.